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Renis Gjoka


Renis Gjoka born on May 12, 1987 in Tirana, Albania is an Albanian singer and songwriter. He studied violin for 8 years during his childhood which helped him to better understand music and it’s terms. Later he graduated with degrees in Sociology and Marketing. Renis Gjoka's first appearance was in 2004 with his ex band in a big competiton for the time called 'Top Fest', where the band won the “Best New Artist” prize. The popularity of the band was growing from the many song hits and videos concluding with the album “Nje hap perpara”, also wining many prizes too. In 2012 he left the band to focus on his solo career which counts 10 songs, 5 of them are prize winners, and 3 videos, one of them “Une dhe Gogoli” won the 1st prize in the yearly show of best clips in Albania. The last prize was in Bulgaria where he represented Albania in the Balkanic Rock Music Festival, where he won the 1st prize. He has taken part of the most important Concerts in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.